The only movements worth doing are the one which liberate

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The joy of a free movement

All our emotions, past struggles and experiences become stored in our muscles, facias and maybe even our bone shapes. Inner tensions are changing our body posture, all adding to the struggle.

Liberating the original body is the most freeing experience.

Total concentration and meditation on a movement. The release coming from the movement. Slowing it all down, you can feel the muscles stop pulling against each others, the joints moving in line without being pulled one way or another, swinging in a fully free axis. The more you slow it down, the more you can feel all the parasitic muscle movements, all the nervous twitches, all the thoughts interrupting the primary movement.

Each thought, each emotion tighten specific muscles. You can feel a thought in a movement. When finally, completely clear in the head, without a thought, the movement will naturally occurs, bringing the freedom of an open door to the universe, free of any past baggage. A new self will slowly emerge from that old twisted shell.

We teach movements, so called proper movements to fit into scenarios. We condition humans to move a certain way, to belong to a model of beliefs, society, club... We teach them to march in a military parade so we can condition them to walk into flying bullets, against all common sense... or run into each other at full speed on a football field, scrambling their brains in the ensuing collisions... or to perform in some so called art form... damaging performers bodies through unnatural movements destined at dazzling audiences, sometime extended to a freak-show...

All chains, all shackles which prevent humans to be free.

Free from pre-existing thoughts, patterns, movements, free from finding their path... we add layers to the onion, instead of peeling it to the core, as the day life began... the day which the physical shaping began, twisted, bounced and growing in a pre molded space... free thinking already reduced...

So the essential goal, should be to free one self from any learned movement, as to restore through it, by neuroplasticity, our freedom of thoughts.

A movement is a visual expression or a physical sensation of our state of thoughts.

Free the body, free the mind, experience life without being pre conditioned, only reliving a different version of the past.


Maybe there is a need to all those learned movements, so different groups of humans function the same way, belong to the same tribe... society... giving cohesion to a group and increasing one's greater ability to survive through unity of number. Recognizing other members through common thought patterns and movements mirroring. Survival before freedom... as true freedom only leads to what we refer to as death.

Liberate the body

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